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Welcome to the September/October  issue of Emu's Zine, the only online magazine devoted to emu products and your health.    

In this issue Dr. Thomas Smith explains about Measuring Vision With Field Tests, Dr. Janet Maccaro tells us how to Erase Pain in Mere Minutes and Dr. Robert Winston tells us about a New Treatment for Chronic Non-healing Wounds

In other news, Linda Powell tells us about 6 Ways To Achieve Natural Arthritis Pain Relief, a California Mother Speaks Out Against Environmental Working Group Study and American Academy of Ophthalmology and Oklahoma Academy of Ophthalmology Remind Parents and the Public of the Importance of Protective Eyewear for children in Keep Eyes Safely on the Ball.

In this issue we introduce you to two great things from Sugar Maple Emu Farm - "EGG"CITING ART by egg artist Joylene Reavis and Emu Brats!

Check out our  Recipes section for emu meat and egg recipes, along with links to save you money on groceries!   Not sure where to buy emu meat?  Contact the American Emu Association and ask if there is a source near you - or check out these nice folks.

Check out this beautiful 1739 farm for sale!

Our classified ads have some great offers, including how to make money.

Please drop by our  Freebies page for offers we have found around the net.  If you are looking specifically on ways to save money on emu products, check out Coupons for Emu Related Products.  Visit the Daily Cartoon for a chuckle.  Drop by our Message Board to ask - or answer - questions on emu meat, oil, oil products or anything else emu related.  Looking for a job?  Don't forget to check out our classifieds for other great deals on everything from autos to sweethearts. 

Looking for a past article?  All our past articles are in the Archives.  The Table of Contents Page is broken down into sections to make locating that article easier.  Not sure about the title?  Use our handy little search engine.  We have articles stored on psoriasis, arthritis, Lyme disease, eczema, burn victims, gum disease, arts and crafts, featured farms or featured products just to name a few! 

Now let me ask those of you that have read this far.....if you read our zine on a regular basis, please click here and read a little further:  Click!

We hope you enjoy this issue and will let other people know about us.  Let us know what you think and be sure to sign our guest book.


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