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Winner of the 2000 Extravagant Emu Egg Contest
Carved/Etched/Engraved Category
Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo

  Pwdacos1.jpg (77827 bytes)   Pwdacos2.jpg (78931 bytes)

Egg Artist Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo incorporates traditional pysanky symbolism with original designs in her creations.    

She tells us that she became involved in egging through a combination of birth, chance, and choice. 

"Being of Ukrainian descent (my grandparents were born in Pattywda.jpg (71660 bytes)Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine) pysanky has always been in my life.  My mother, a life long portrait artist, taught me the technical skills and my father supplied the tradition of a 4,000 year old art form."  

For any artistic person, finding the right medium for expression is a journey.   Patty’s road lead her from pen & ink and pastel drawings to stained glass designing, and finally to pysanky and egg etching.  

Recently she began experimenting with etched Emu eggs.   Her latest Emu egg is titled "Ukrainian Cossack"  “I wanted to use original designs while still incorporating Ukrainian themes. What attracted me to etching is the pureness of the process. Unlike the many steps required to create pysanky I see etching as comparable to sculpting. The artist is in constant contact with the object. It adds an intimate quality to the design. “

Patty went on to tell us that she was also intrigued by the uniqueness of the emu egg itself. “The darkness of the shell eliminated the possibility of utilizing the wax and dye coloring method of pysanky. Still, I wanted to approach the egg as a pysanky artist. To create the Ukrainian Cossack I decided to employ the different hued layers of the emu shell itself. Using a kistka, the traditional tool of pysanky, I drew the design free hand in wax lines and then dipped the egg into an acid bath until I obtained the desired contrasts.”

The other emu egg displayed here was done the same way, using kistka and was, but because Patty wanted to see if the dark eggshell would take some color she applied Pysanky Showcase Dyes to the egg with a brush.  Since the dye is not as thick as paint, it took a long time to finish, but as you can see, the egg came out beautifully.  Patty tells us that although she now knows that she can apply color to emu eggs, she will not be covering the entire egg.  “I think the emu egg stands alone on it’s own beauty, with its layers of color.”


She is already planning her next emu egg.  “This time I'm going to try to take it down to the white of the shell. If I was carving that would not be a problem, you have complete control when you carve, you can stop and go, do little spots at a time, but with the acid, the whole egg goes in at once, so I have to be VERY careful that a small pitted spot on the egg doesn't get eaten through before the rest of the shell. That's why when I start out, before I even begin to draw out my design in the wax, I go over the entire shell, and with the kistka. I plug up all the little pitted spots on the shell, and obviously there are many!”

"Winning first prize in the Emu's Zine Egg contest this year is a great honor to me. Art must continually be in a state of growth and I look at etching eggs as an extension of my pysanky and a continuation of my artistic journey."  

Visit Patty’s website, Pysanky Showcase for more information on this unusual and ancient art form.


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