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6 Ways To Achieve Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

by Linda Powell

While there are many different forms of arthritis, all types can be painful and severely affect your quality of life. As a result, there are literally millions of people suffering from arthritis looking for arthritis pain relief. Many of these people are taking strong pain medication but sometimes long term use of these drugs can lead to unwanted side effects and health problems. On the other hand, natural arthritis pain relief can have minimal or no side effects and can effectively assist arthritis sufferers in managing their symptoms. Here are 7 natural pain relief treatments that are inexpensive and easy to implement.

1) Exercise & Stretching

To avoid the pain, many people suffering from arthritis tend to move less. This can exacerbate the problem because the joints will become stiffer due to less movement. A recent study from the UNC Thurston Arthritis Research Center in Chapel Hill found that an exercise routine of strengthening, balancing and stretching significantly reduced the symptoms of arthritis.

When planning a new exercise regime, you should consult a physical therapist and choose exercises that put minimal stress on your. For stretching exercises, many people find Yoga or Tai Chi to be extremely beneficial.

2) Emu Oil

Used by Australian Aborigines for centuries, Emu Oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and contains the anti-oxidants of Vitamin E and A. Emu Oil has only begun to attract the attention of arthritis sufferers for its effectiveness in reducing arthritic symptoms. A recent Australian study showed that Emu Oil was an extremely effective natural arthritis pain reliever which reduced the inflammation, swelling and pain from arthritis. It is non-greasy and penetrates deeply.

3) Copper / Magnets

Both copper and magnetic jewelry have been shown to reduce the pain of arthritis in some people. For a relative inexpensive price, you can buy jewelry or wraps which contain copper and/or magnets. Mats, pillows and even mattresses are also available so that you receive the benefit of magnets and copper while you sleep and rejuvenate.

4) Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another natural treatment which many people believe provides arthritis pain relief. Make sure that you visit an experienced and certified practitioner of acupuncture.

5) Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses oil from flowers, plants and trees which is then massaged into the inflamed areas, placed in a warmth bath or inhaled via steam. Choosing the right oils is very important in order to get the right benefits.

6) Natural Supplements

There are a number of natural supplements that can be used in helping with the pain and inflammation of arthritis. For example, supplements containing Glucosamine and Fish Oil have been shown to help relieve arthritic symptoms. Ginger, an natural anti-oxidant, can also bring relief and can be consumed through supplements or food.

More detailed information on natural arthritis relief is available. As you can see from this list however, there are a number of treatments you can choose from that are relatively inexpensive. Before incorporating any of these treatments in to you daily schedule, you should first consult your own doctor and an expert in the treatment’s field.

Linda Powell is the webmaster of Secret Arthritis Cures, which provides free information on arthritis, its causes and secrets. Website: Secret Arthritis Cures


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