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Measuring Vision With Field Tests

by Dr. Tom Smith

Visual field tests are performed to assess both the extent of vision (how far you can see) and the sensitivity of different areas of your eyes to light.  The test provides baseline information to monitor vision over time.  This detects subtle changes before a serious problem occurs.  People with a family history of disease like glaucoma, where vision loss can arise, may take this test.

Sometimes the eye measurements taken during a routine examination may suggest the potential for an underlying ocular condition.  Visual field tests can be used to determine whether these numbers are out of the ordinary or normal for the patient.

The eye specialist can conduct a rough visual field test by having the patient look straight ahead and count the fingers being held up.  More typically, however, a computer is used for the visual field test measurements.  For this procedure, the patient places his/her chin in a type of bowl and covers one eye at a time.  Then he/she pushes a button when seeing lights at various intensities and locations.  This process produces a computerized map of the visual field.


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