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This section of the zine is broken down into four (4) parts:  

Free ProductsContests, Coupons, Sales, Rebates/Bargains, and Other Free Sites.  

Guess what?  It changes at least weekly - we add new free offers or sites whenever we find them.   We hope that you can use this as a "jumping off spot" as you search for freebies!  For that reason we have set most of these offers to open in a new window.  You can go right down the line clicking on offers without losing your place.

Remember the banners!  They lead to free product offers, contests, coupons, rebates, bargains or other free sites.  


  Get Napster Premium!

 Search FREE for 30 days!, Save up to 70% on all sorts of goodies.

 Free Products (some require you pay shipping):

Receive $100 of FREE* Hershey’s® or Ghirardelli® Chocolate or a $100 Restaurant Gift Card by Participating in Our  Chocolate Survey!

Click Here Now to Take Our Cable Network Poll! HBO(R) vs. Showtime(R)? Which has the Better Shows? Tell Us Your Opinion, Complete Our Offers and Receive a FREE Gift!


Free samples of livestock health products from the Animal Doctor

Free can of Mighty Dog

FREE Woofy Cookie sample

Greenies Smart Biscuits for Dogs or Feline Greenies

Free sample of dog or cat food from Flint River

Free pet food with VIP program at Pet Supermarket

Free sample of Dog Food Supplement from Improve.

PETCO PALS - Win $500.00 Shopping Spree


Watch the Colors Grow book for baby. Requires UPC codes.  They also have coupons for baby food.

Free web page for your new baby, complete with pictures, instantly, privately and for free! Babies

Free sample of the Baby CD, guide to pregnancy

Free Baby portrait from J. C. Penney, put in your zip code for location nearest you.

Free ticket to Ringling Bros Circus for babies under 1 year old - BUT, the ticket can be used at any time during the lifetime of the child.  Children under age 2 get in free anyway, so this is a good deal!

Free 16 page booklet download in Spanish or English for Asthmatic Mom's to be "Breathing for Two: A Guide to Asthma During Pregnancy" from the Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA)


Become a Red Tag Monitor and get free magazines

FREE Book by Lily: Girl Child-The Transition-In Poetic Form

Take the "Do You Know Emu" survey at the American Emu Association website and win one of three cookbooks to be given away each month.

Free 16 page booklet download in Spanish or English for Asthmatic Mom's to be "Breathing for Two: A Guide to Asthma During Pregnancy" from the Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA)

 Bible (New Testament Recovery Version) from Bibles for America Worldwide offer.

Free Bible study guide - The Discover Guide Series is an FREE, excellent, non-denominational, 26 guide series that will guide you through the Biblical Principles of the Holy Bible.

Free 654 page Paperback "Bible Readings for the Home", must send request by snail mail.

Free Book - Secrets of Peace - from Hope Net.

FREE Bush's Beans 'Simply the Best in 20 Minutes or Less' Recipe Booklet

Assorted Recipes from Purdue 

Taste & Tell Recipe Sampler from Sue Gregg Cookbooks

"Secrets of Peace" from HopeNet

What You Need to Know About Dating Violence - LOVE IS NOT ABUSE!   This site contains several downloadable books for both teen boys and teen girls - and parents. 

Story Book: Adventures of Julia and Robbie - Call 1-800-480-2520 And ask for FEMA 344

Free Activity Flyer for Kids:  Farm Friends!

Free Trading Book (rotating banner on right hand side of page)

Free Curry Recipe Book for S&H

Mararanatha Man by Dr. C. S. Lovett

Jiffy Mix Recipe Book USA only

ECKANKAR—Ancient Wisdom for Today

 E-book on herbs

Free Recipes from California Raisins

Free Book Mark from Nora Roberts 

Free "What Am I" Book Marker, postage required

Free monthly calendar

Button - Be Green for $1 S&H or a SASE


Free product samples, coupons and occasional special offers from California Cosmetics

Free sample Bladder Weakness  Products - Tena Lady Pads - U.K. only

Free Contact Lens Cleaner Accessary Pad from Easy Eye (Eaton Medicals)

 Free Blood Glucose Meter

FREE RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream Sample Packet

Free Feminine Hygiene products - Serenity Pads USA only.

Free sample from Kotex


Free Sample from Dream Perfumes USA only

Hair Care Products

FREE sample of the healing garden ORGANICS wild honey body lotion

Free sample of Astroglide lubricant   

Personal Pain Relief Plan And a FREE Offer from ThermaCare

Free Toothpaste from Crest

FREE CD'S, DVD's, Tapes, music, video, instructional, educational.....

Free CD - Myanmar Travel Information Kit

Free BiblePro CD

Free CD-Rom - How We Got the Bible - full length video

Free CD from the CD Shop - Contemporary Irish Music

Free demo tape from EmptyReal Strings & free downloads

Free CD of 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

Free CD and downloads about science - several to choose from - and the grades are easily marked.

The Video Professor FREE Training CD's   - which computer program would you like to learn about?

Get a FREE 7-day trial of Napster Premium!


Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book for Kids!

Assorted Coloring Books to download from Texas Parks & Wildlife

Free on line Poultry Coloring Book from MSU!  Download today.  And while you are at it, send them an email asking how come ostrich, emu and rheas are not mentioned - they are classified as poultry by USDA!

Free coloring and activity pages about emu - check the Emu Library under Educator Resources

$100.00 gift coupons for various stores when you complete survey on Coke or Pepsi

FREE McGruff trading cards

Free Snuggle Sample


Free Sample of Diamond Glaze™  adhesive, requires postage

Free Embroidery Supplies

Free Fabric Samples from the Fabric Store

Free Carpet Samples

Free Download!   Get LIVE neighborhood weather updates on your PC!  For every download, they give money to a local school (your choice)

Free animated United States flag for your computer screen. The flag waves in the lower-right corner as you use your computer.


FREE Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles Sample

FREE Sample of Dakota Flax Gold food supplement. USA only

FREE SAMPLE of C-Splash™  Requires that you print off their email to you and mail it with a SASE

Free Curry Powder from Mr. Curry - you will have to pay for shipping on this, but it is well worth it.

Rhinaris Gel Sample or Rhinaris Mist Sample

Free Sample pack of J.CROW'S® MULLED CIDER MIX & collectable postcard piece- requires SASE.

Free Sample of The Most Effective Weight-Loss Ingredient Ever to Hit the Market from Nuthrathin!  Try a FREE SAMPLE today and see what everyone is talking about!


Coffee Samples from Batian Peak, some for free, some at cost

Free Coffee from the Volcano Coffee Company

Free all natural caffeine free herbal tablets, for energy

Coupon for $10.00 off initial 25 pound order of emu meat


E.D. Foods - Soup'er Free Sample Pay only s/h - get soup for 17-23. Wow! Check it out!

 Free Instant Soups - from our kitchens to your solider. Send our tummy warming military care package to your solider, we'll add in extra FREE soups to share. APO addresses - no problem!


Free Sample of Herbal Super Lax from Grandma's Herbs

Free Sample of Hot Sauce from Habaneros Of Texas'

Hoss Sauce Tanning Lotion send them a $1 for a sample and a $5 coupon.

sample of Magic Seasoning Blends  SASE or $1.00


Free Sample Super Lax Herbal Laxative and Colon Cleanser

Laxative Sample from Gentle Relief

Free Sample of orange flavored Metamucil and a copy of "Your Guide to a High Fiber Diet" 

Free Laxative Sample from Next to Nature

Free sample Snore MD - must respond to their email to you.


Free Sample of tea for shipping from Enjoying Tea

Free samples of ONNO BEHRENDS TEA for Australians only!

Free tea samples from Traditional Medicinals

Free Sample of tea from Top Quality Tea

White Stevia Free Trial Pack for S&H, worldwide offer

Wine Lover's Journal Software. A multi-media Multi-Year Chronicle or Diary of your Wine Related Activities with Cellar and Wine database.


 Get Paid $4-$25 for each survey you complete about movies, sports and products!


Free Gift from Herbal Info Center at KCweb

Free Guitar Picks - send SASE

FREE JEWELRY & Keychains

Free Ring Sizer

"Little Pin" or gold window decal - Christian oriented.  Postage needed.

 FREE "Man in the Moon" Santa Earrings

Free Canning Labels for those of you that do your own canning.  Just print them off.



Free state magnet

Free Annies Shells and White Cheddar Magnet for $1 s&h or a SASE

Free Where to Eat Magnet - California residents only

Free Nora Roberts Magnet


Click Here for a Free Subscription to American Baby Magazine! U. S. only.

 Free Mail Washer ProgramDid you know that Christmas 01/02 spam was said to increase 650%?  Feel like most of it is hitting your mail box?  The download is free, but you are asked to make a donation.  Browse through the site and see what you think.


Free Mousepad from Kinderstart

Click here for a FREE HotMat mouse pad with FREE international delivery!


Free Crochet and Knitting Patterns

Free Crochet Cap Pattern

Emu Eggshell Jewelry Box by Karen Lawton

Emu Eggshell Flower Vase by Karen Lawton

Emu Leather Post-It Notebook by Karen Lawton

Emu Leather Tray by Karen Lawton

Emu Leather Trinket Box by Karen Lawton

Making Emu Eggshell Jewelry by Fran Saperstein

Tickle Your Fancy by Karen Lawton

Emu Feather Crafts (Feather Angel, hair picks, etc.)

Free Photo of your Favorite Celeb!

Free 8 x 10 Photo of yourself from Olan Mills (K-Mart or their studio) US only

4FreePhoneBillAnalysis.Com Free written phone bill analysis: We will save you money, or pay $10 for your time!


Earthrise Spirulina IL-4®, FREE Sachet Offer. Includes $3 coupon for your next purchase of Spirulina IL-4®

Free Outlet Covers while supplies last

Free ($169.00 value) Poker Chip Set (cards, case, chips) from Clay Poker!

Free Soap Sample from Southern Soapers.

FREE Gift from Sutter's Creek


Earthquake poster from FEMA, call 1-800-480-2520 and ask for Earthquake Safety Poster 2-04 Poster 006

Free, set of 7, hazardous waste posters

Free U. S. Navy Seals Poster

Free Year of the Ocean Poster

Free St. Therese Novena Prayer card US & Canada


Free Annie’s Fun Stickers for Kids for $1 S&H or send a SASE

Free sticker from Scubanaked for SASE and a buck, or send money for more stickers along with SASE

Free "I Saw the Emu Sticker" for your kids. Requires L-SASE from Red Oak Farm

Free Bumper sticker "Real Men Wear Kilts" requires SASE

Free Extreme Coffee Sticker

Life is Short, Eat Biscuits Bumper Sticker

Life's a dog bumper sticker

Wired Energy Drink Stickers


Free T-Shirt



Click Here To Get Paid For Surveys VIDEOS

Free video:  The Nativity from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Free Disaster Survival Video from FEMA

Free video by a heart transplant patient, aimed at Jr. High kids, about positive life styles, the nonuse of drugs and alcohol, and organ donation.

Video: Prepare to Survive! - Call FEMA at 1-800-480-2520 And ask for 9-1074

Pullorum Disease Video for Back Yard or Hobby Poultry enthusiast from the National Poultry Improvement Plan

 Free vision exams and glasses for uninsured children in USA

 Free Worms - from Aquatic Foods

FREE Professional prints on Kodak paper from your digital camera. Sign up with Snapfish!