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Tom Waits Shoots Emusing Video

Tom Waits Shoots Video for 'God's Away On Business'; New Albums, ALICE and BLOOD MONEY, Out Next Week, May 7; Performs on Letterman Next Day

LOS ANGELES, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- On the night before TOM WAITS shot his new video for the song "God's Away On Business" -- from his new album BLOOD MONEY -- God was nowhere in evidence when the three emus (a cousin of the ostrich) originally cast to star alongside Tom were ruthlessly murdered by coyotes.  However, their last minute replacements -- two males and one female, who each had their own trainer on set -- were up to the task according to Tom. "They were chewing up the scenery -- literally.  They love the business." When Waits asked one of the trainers what emus like, he was told, "shiny things ... like your eyes."  Although emus are known for their aggressive behavior, Waits was definitely the Alpha emu on the set -- a pair of four-foot stilts took care of that.  Shot at the infamous Ambassador Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the video was directed by longtime associate Jesse Dylan, who also lensed "Goin' Out West" from BONE MACHINE, as well as shot the covers for both BONE MACHINE and BLOOD MONEY.

WAITS is releasing two albums on May 7, the aforementioned BLOOD MONEY and a completely separate disc, ALICE.  Both are receiving rave reviews in the US and abroad including Mojo which noted:  "Not a double but two individual albums, released at the same time ... There's ALICE, skewed and drowsy, with wonky percussion and soft, smudged, narcotic strings.  Or there's BLOOD MONEY, brutal, nihilistic, dark and visceral.  The first is vaporous, layered, beautifully evocative, with moments of discordant madness; the second discordant, mad, with moments of tender almost unbearable loveliness.  Get both and you have a photograph and its negative."

Elsewhere, Rolling Stone declared: " ... his voice now is pure theatre, a weapon of pictorial emphasis and raw honesty ... Written as theatrical scores, these records bloom on their own.  They are also testament to Waits' gift for making tangible magic from odd clatter:  dusky strings, mooing horns, ancient keyboards.  The atmospheres around his voice are so vivid you feel like you're there with him in the diesel-scented fog of ALICE's "Lost in the Harbour," or burning both your asses on fire and brimstone all over BLOOD MONEY. 'Everything you think of is true,' Waits declared on ALICE in that 3-D cough. For him, none of this is mere show."

TOM WAITS will be appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman Wednesday, May 8.

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